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We have been successfully outsourcing in the Philippines since 2005 with everything from out-bound lead generation, chat support, customer support, phone answering and software development just to name a few. The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) list of services continues to grow and expand every year.

Our story on how and why we decided to utilize outsourcing as a small insurance brokerage back in 2005 was that we couldn’t get quality leads at any price in the USA which was a huge problem and killing our profits. After stumbling across the Philippines on a trip and seeing how outsourcing was working first hand I decided to give it a go! That was the best decision I made in my life. Why? Well for the starters we were able to solve our business pain point and generated very high-quality leads and subsequently also at a fraction of the cost. For a business this is the ultimate Win/Win.

Our goal is in these turbulent times to show self-employed and small to mid-sized businesses owners how to take advantage of the outsourcing model that Fortune 500 companies have been utilizing for more than 20 years. With the proven BPO model and general USA worker shortages there is no better time than NOW to take advantage of outsourcing.

We know it seems like a big step however Ameritel is your partner in taking the business Red pill to be able to bullet proof your company by not being forced to bend to local staffing demands or harsh rules and by reducing costs and saving you time we will free you of the frustration that you are currently dealing with on a daily basis.

Let Ameritel be your office away from your office.