Ameritel BPO loves On the Job Trainees, join us!


Ameritel BPO has been proudly partnered with several of the local Colleges and University’s for a long time in accepting and welcoming On the Job Trainees (OJT) to our company. Although Covid put a damper on it for a couple of years we feel it’s a great way for students to get the “real life” work experience to better prepare themselves for what’s ahead after graduating.

We also extend job offers to those who excel in the OJT program as many fresh college grads often find it very difficult to land their first job as many positions do require prior experience as a job qualification requirement. This catch 22 situation that fresh grads find themselves in is frustrating and difficult to say the least however if they applied themselves we at Ameritel are always hiring and more than willing to give them that first job opportunity!

We can accept and accommodate up to two hundred OJT students per semester at our facility and provide shuttle service to and from our site Monday to Friday. Each class upon completion ends in a pizza party to celebrate their completion of the program and a thank you from Ameritel for choosing us as their company to spend a semester with us.

Students that find us please us this link below to sign up for the On the Job program.


Administrators or Dean’s please reach out to us with any questions you have or to set up a meeting at