Work from Home Lead Generation Agents


It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Simply apply online at
  2. Attend 3-day unpaid on-site training
  3. Then you’re a trained Ninja and ready to make HUGE pay

(Everyone is welcome and eligible. No interview required!​)

Work directly with a USA-based company Lead Hustler ( from the comforts of your home on either a full or part-time basis. 

You will be provided all the training and support for you to make as much money as you want in either Full or Part time roles. 

Average reps should be able to make $1,000 a month and high performing reps up $2,000 US dollars a month!




Previous outbound lead generation preferred

With work from home experience is preferred

Strong communication skills


Self motivated

Great active listening skills.

Exceptional interpersonal and rapport-building skills.



Must have own personal computer (Laptop or Desktop)

Must have a quality internet connection

VPN or a static IP address for the internet service provider is required to use our CRM

Must have Headset with noise cancellation.



Everything you need training-wise is 100% covered and all online.

If you’re in or around Pampanga can also, come on-site for (5) days of in-person training however it is not paid.



-Work hours are from 9 am EST to 8 pm Monday to Friday You can start or end earlier or later up to you.

-Part-time / Full-time


Getting Paid:

Paid in US Dollars

100% Commission-Based

Pay will be every 10 working days and on the following Tuesday in the USA.

Payment through PayPal G-cash or other Online Banking 


Commission Structure: Sliding scale the more Leads you Make the more they are Worth Per Lead!

Leads are counted Monday thru Saturday



Pay Break Down:



Open calling campaign (Individual or Group leads)

Qualified lead $7 per lead (1-15)

Qualified lead goes to $8 per lead (16-25)

Qualified lead goes to $9 per lead (26 to unlimited)



Group leads that are specifically for Group only Campaigns:

Qualified group leads $13 (1-15)

Qualified group leads go to $15 (16 to unlimited)



Live Call Transfers Campaigns:

Qualified Transfers $20 (1-10)

Qualified Transfers $25 (11 to unlimited)



The more leads you make in each category once you have exceeded the tier level then ALL of the leads you made that week then move up to the higher amount of money per lead.